Rome two centuries older than previously thought

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According to legend and historical research, Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus. Its birthday is April 21, but I’ll write about that in a separate post. Today, new findings in the area of the Lapis Niger (Latin for “Black Stone”, whom many believe to be the place where Romulus was buried - or killed) demonstrated that there was human activity in that particular area, which is part of the Foro Romano, at least two centuries before the date of the foundation of Rome. 

Archaeologist Patrizia Fortini, in charge of the Foro Romano area for the Archeological Superintendency of Rome, found blocks of tufo that dated back to the 9-10th century BC, used to contain the waters of river Spino. Researchers also discovered shards of ceramic and remains of cereals, which prove that there was frequent human activity in the Forum way before Romulus’s time. New technologies aided the researches by providing 3D adaptations of the drawings made by Giacomo Boni, who led the first excavations on the site in 1899-1901.

The Superintendency also recently opened the Forum to Google’s Street View, with a really nice photo gallery. Rome is currently about 2767 years oldI’ll be updating as soon as more information on the matter is available, for now this is all I could find, so don’t take it as absolute truth.

Well these news will make Andrea Carandini a happy man, he has been claming the discovery of the original walls of the VIII century BCE Rome for years, the famous Romulus’s Walls, and no one believed him.


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Late 19th-early 20th century, African art from Nigeria. The mask is built on a real human skull, hung with antelope skin, and covered with human hair on the skull and chin.

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‘천상열차분야지도’ - 14th century Korean star map (digital image)

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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

the previous Ep had been written by Evil Santa himself, that’s why it was so good

Yup, I know!

I wish there was a way to replicate him so one GRRM could work on the scripts, another one (or three or four) on finishing the books, and a few others on the side stories set in the ASOIAF world.

My reaction to the last GoT episode can be adequately conveyed only by Malcolm Tucker. “Breaker of Chains”? More like “Breaker of the characterization of everyone you love (plus filler)”. And it’s even worse because the previous ep was so good.

For fuck’s sake, there’s a difference between making necessary alterations to fit a different medium and shitting over everything you love. 

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After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.

Someone call Torchwood before they all start croaking at the same time.

Vikings + red for montparnassexy

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